About Lola

I don’t check boxes. I prioritize objectives. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

2017: Launched side project WARCAT with Cliff Warren to help organizations we’re passionate about achieve their design and marketing goals.

2016: Synced up with previous mentor to direct marketing communications for B2B arm of Shutterstock to help Fortune 1000 brands manage their creative workflow.

2015: Joined mobile app startup as first non-technical hire. Created a platform for unheard employees to have a valued voice. Learned how to fail fast. Swam from Alcatraz, completed Ironman (again).

2013: Followed mentor to customer sat/employee engagement tech company. Directed lead generation efforts. Increased monthly lead average by 43%, demo requests by 68%, web traffic by 100% without additional financial resources. Got acquired by Clarabridge.

2012: Consulted B2B tech companies on positioning, messaging, and sales enablement. Completed first marathon, Ironman, and swim from Alcatraz.

2011: Graduated with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Int’l biz. Left tech PR job, joined boutique B2B go-to-market consulting firm. Met mentor.

2010: Moved from NYC to SF. Began MBA at University of San Francisco. Made shirts out of pillowcases for money. Became bike commuter.

2009: Witnessed the harmful effects of disingenuous leadership and culture as manager of Abercrombie & Fitch. Gained perspective, lost sense of smell.

2008: Graduated Fordham University, ambitiously a semester early. Experienced the updraft of the recession tornado and held on tight.

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