About Lola

I feel that I am my best self when I take the time to reflect.

My goal is to become more a more conscientious contributor: reflect more, deflect less. Waste less, produce more. 

2016: Followed mentor again to direct marketing communications for B2B enterprise solution to help brands to grow and thrive. It’s as great as the internet says. Bought car to commute to San Mateo. Bike stolen.

2015: Joined mobile app startup as first non-technical hire. Created a platform for unheard employees to have a valued voice. The work was fulfilling, the culture was eye-opening. Swam from Alcatraz, completed Ironman (again).

2013: Followed mentor to get operational experience. Directed lead generation efforts to help companies increase employee engagement and improve customer satisfaction. Acquired by Clarabridge. Took ferry to Marin each day.

2012: Consulted B2B tech companies on positioning, messaging, and sales enablement. Completed first marathon, Ironman, and swim from Alcatraz.

2011: Graduated with a double major in Entrepreneurship and Int’l biz. Left tech PR job, joined boutique B2B go-to-market consulting firm. Met mentor.

2010: Moved from NYC to SF. Began MBA at University of San Francisco. Made shirts out of pillowcases for money. Became bike commuter.

2009: Witnessed the harmful effects of disingenuous leadership and culture as manager of Abercrombie & Fitch. Gained perspective, lost sense of smell.

2008: Graduated Fordham University, ambitiously a semester early. Experienced the updraft of the recession tornado and held on tight.

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