Design + Marketing: Custom Bike Kit for AIDS/LifeCycle Ride

SheSpoke is one of the few all-female bike crews that complete the 545-mile AIDS/LifeCycle ride down the coast of California each year to raise funds and awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

When it came time to design their cycling kits, we felt it important to focus on women. During our research, we found that 81% of the women diagnosed with HIV are women of color. 

To strengthen what became a message of solidarity, education and support, we decided to team up with cyclists-of-color team the Brown Brakers, who were also participating in AIDS/LifeCycle. With the two team’s powers combined, we agreed on kit objectives below.

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  • Create a kit that pays tribute to the original SILENCE = DEATH triangle
  • Print key statistics about women of color affected by HIV
  • Incorporate #BLACKLIVESMATTER to highlight that this is a present-day fight
  • Design a bold kit that stands out against the masses
  • Unite the two teams under a cause that impacts our community
  • Bring awareness to the fact that women and minorities are disproportionately affected by HIV



  • Featured in LA LGBT’s quarterly Vanguard publication (page 17)
  • Designed and produced a total of 12 units: three bike jerseys with each one of the two team’s logo on the sleeve (and each with a different statistic below), one bike vest, one pair of bib shorts, one pair of bike shorts, one pair of arm sleeves, one bike hat and one bag. Statistics used on bike jerseys:
    • One in four people with HIV in the US are women.
    • 81% of the women diagnosed with HIV are women of color.
    • Black women are 16 times more likely than white women to be diagnosed with HIV
  • Sold over 125 units of clothing to over 54 people  
  • Worn by the CEO of the SF AIDS Foundation, who gave the team a shout out for recognizing how HIV/AIDS impacts women and people of color
  • Extended the shop to be open indefinitely so other riders could purchase the kit – there was a lot of interest was a lot of interest
  • Created a follow-up HTML email for post-kit purchasers to keep awareness and support alive (74% open rate)

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